ITSM Service Desk

Keep your end-users productive and your IT team focused on strategic initiatives. Contegix makes it easy to provide your end-users with a high-quality central point of contact for all of their IT needs. 

Contegix ITSM Service Desk offers:
 - Expertise in your industry and the tasks at-hand
 - A reliable, committed team that works when you need them to
 - Strategic guidance to proactively address current and future challenges


Immediate Support. Continuous Improvement. Long-term Value.

The Contegix Service Desk operates as a seamless extension of your IT team to solve problems and answer questions quickly and affordably.

Our ITIL best practice approach gives you a central point of contact to resolve and manage all incidents and requests. We support custom business applications and processes as well as standard hardware, software, and connectivity. In addition, our knowledgeable and certified US-based team utilizes a proven project methodology for on-boarding and go-live success.

Service Desk Tiers

Off-Shift Model

Eliminate the headaches of finding coverage. Off-shift Service Desk gives you single point-of-contact support for your entire organization during off-hours, weekends, and holidays. 

24/7 Model

Reduce stress and resource drain while optimizing processes and service delivery. With Contegix as the front-line extension of your IT team, 24/7/365, your IT staff is free to focus on high-level projects and initiatives.

Dedicated Model

Limit the number of people with access to your data by using a dedicated team of analysts. Customize to utilize dedicated tier during core business hours with roll over to the shared model after hours.

Key ITSM Processes

ITSM involves a few essential processes that are most commonly used with IT teams. Selecting the right ITSM processes starts with a well-designed strategy defining business requirements. These processes not only benefit your IT team but can improve efficiency and productivity throughout your entire organization.

A few of the core ITSM processes include:
 - Incident Management
 - Problem Management
 - Change Management
 - Asset Management
 - Configuration Management Database
 - Service Level Management
 - Service Request management
 - Knowledge Management
 - Service Catalog

Service Features

High Quality Management Reports

Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly performance reports offer improved visibility for incident trends, support documentation, and governance.

Knowledge Base

Our comprehensive and fully transparent knowledge base helps us resolve tickets efficiently and cost-effectively.   

Quality Assurance

Formal Quality Assurance program consisting of 7 components and a fourteen-point evaluation fostering continuous improvement. 

US-Based Team

Our knowledgeable and certified team is comprised of US-based, bilingual analysts who can easily adapt to your processes and business applications.

Custom Support

Contegix provides a full-service end-user experience, supporting standard hardware, custom business applications, as well as facilities workflows, and other non-IT requests. 

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