Tackling 4 Security Challenges with DevSecOps

Achieving a robust cybersecurity posture has been mission-critical as businesses experienced a staggering spike in cybercrime last year.


Security-First State of Mind: The Evolution from Agile to DevOps to DevSecOps

Agile development rose to prominence over a decade ago as developers needed faster, more efficient processes to deliver high-quality software releases. But despite the rise of agile, silos between development and operations teams still created bottlenecks slowing down the development process. DevOps, which brings together development and IT teams, emerged as the next evolution in development to boost collaboration and release better software, faster. 


The Importance of DevSecOps

The DoD Office of the Chief Information Officer provides policy and guidance regarding the development and utilization of software and hardware. These resources, paired with industry best-practices, play a significant role in shaping the DoD’s adoption of DevSecOps and Zero Trust Architecture.


4 Ways Organizations Can Reshape Their Approach to Application Security

From the dev team scrum to the boardroom and even within the oval office, software security has emerged as a top priority. Yet, inside these organizations, teams are still struggling to determine who is actually responsible for it.


Accelerating DevSecOps in the Public Sector

Secure software development, while important for any organization, is especially critical within the public sector, where highly sensitive information is processed. For government IT teams, complying with complex regulations such as FedRAMP (a standard specifically developed to protect government data) is a required aspect of software development.


How Government Agencies Can Leverage Increased Funding for Cybersecurity

Despite a rocky road to its final passage, President Biden recently signed the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, a much-needed measure to address the nation’s critical need to improve cybersecurity. The new law allocates a whopping $2 billion to fund cybersecurity and related provisions designed to bolster security resiliency—in both public and private sectors—and better safeguard communities against the fallout of cyberattacks. 


Planning for Your Transition to DevSecOps

Adopting DevSecOps can help IT teams improve software security, a top priority for many organizations. DevSecOps, the latest evolution of DevOps, shifts security left in the software development lifecycle and reimagines security as a shared responsibility between development, operations and security professionals. But before teams adopt DevSecOps, establishing a clearly defined vision and understanding how existing operations need to change is paramount.


Low, Moderate or High: What FedRAMP Impact Level is Right for You?

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP, has been around for nearly a decade. But with the dramatic rise of high-profile, cloud-based cyberattacks at a time when citizens’ reliance on technology has grown, cybersecurity has become top priority—even capturing the attention of the nation’s highest office as more organizations begin working with the public sector.