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As companies shift to a more permanent work from home environment, and the need to implement new tools and security measures has become more urgent, Contegix has prepared to handle this “new normal” and is uniquely qualified to manage your remote working network security needs.

Contegix’s comprehensive suite of professional services help you achieve the flexibility and security you need; from managed firewall, VPN and patch management to access management tools and cybersecurity response plans. We understand that every business has a different set of issues, so we tailor our solutions to your specific requirements based on our experience and best practices.

Digital Experience Management Services

Multi-layer log management and correlation

Application Performance Monitoring (APMaaS)

Asset discovery & management tools for network and endpoint devices

Security event logging and correlation

Real-time network visibility & control

Implementation management of server and network infrastructure

Professional Service Offerings

We provide a comprehensive solution for your Network and Security environments including Assessment, Design, Implementation, and Managed Services.

Network Assessments: We provide an automated discovery of your entire network architecture providing a detailed map for every device on the network including connectivity details and hardware lifecycle data.

Security Assessments: We perform an assessment of the cyber capabilities of your infrastructure including vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, phishing assessment, and architecture design reviews.

Security Awareness: Using KnowBe4, the industry leader, we provide baseline testing of all users through a simulated phishing, vishing or smishing attack as well as periodic management reports on progress.

Cloud Assessments: We perform a complete review of your cloud objectives, application readiness, data dependencies, security and risk profiles; then design a detailed cloud migration strategy.

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Get real-time protection to help prevent the growing number of ransomware attacks

Earlier this month the Colonial Pipeline, a 5,500 mile pipeline that supplies upwards of 45% of the gasoline to the east coast of the United States was breached and halted due to a ransomware attack. With no recovery mechanism in place, the company was forced to pay nearly $5 million dollars to regain control of their infrastructure. The attack is a harsh reminder for many organizations of the growing threat of cyber-attacks and ransomware. Sadly, hacker groups such as “DarkSide” are only increasing in numbers and the threat of ransomware is only growing in complexity and scale.


Measure IT Success With These KPIs

IT departments are responsible for many facets of a business that extend far beyond server rooms: from opening and closing support tickets to implementing comprehensive digital transformation initiatives. But how can businesses ensure that their IT service department’s work is aligned with larger business objectives?  “It’s important for teams to regularly measure success against a Service Level Agreement, which includes key metrics like abandonment rate, response time, and overall customer satisfaction.”


How Higher Education Can Create Cost Efficiency Through Managed Services

One year since the pandemic began, colleges and universities still face uncertainty around when students will fully return to in-person learning. In the United States, only 35 percent of students have returned to schools for in-person learning full-time. The majority of students continue to attend virtual school, or some mix of remote and in-person classes. And even as vaccine distribution ramps up and provides a glimmer of hope for a return to in-person learning, remote learning will remain a required service in the days, months and perhaps even years to come.