Measure IT Success With These KPIs

By Elizabeth Clor

IT departments are responsible for many facets of a business that extend far beyond server rooms: from opening and closing support tickets to implementing comprehensive digital transformation initiatives. But how can businesses ensure that their IT service department’s work is aligned with larger business objectives? 

“It’s important for teams to regularly measure success against a Service Level Agreement, which includes key metrics like abandonment rate, response time, and overall customer satisfaction.”

Contegix’s Vice President of Operations Eric Owens

In order to get a metric-backed sense of current IT service capabilities and potential areas for improvement, companies should consider incorporating the following key performance indicators (KPIs):

Zoom out to look at the entire volume of requests

Average response time: quantify the average amount of time it takes between a request for IT service or support from an employee or a customer and a response from someone working to resolve the issue.

Zoom in to look at the individual interactions 

Time to first response: quantify the amount of time it takes between when an initial IT service request is put into the system and the very first response from a member of the team tasked with resolving it. 

Look at response quantity and quality

Response time bands: calculate the number of tickets an IT service team resolved in 10 minutes; 30 minutes; five hours; a day; a week. 

Look at success rate

First contact resolution: calculate the percentage of tickets that the IT service team resolved on the first interaction with the people who submitted them. This metric, in particular, can be used to determine the quality of overall client experience. Results can vary based on several factors, such as the type and complexity of the transaction or the tools you have deployed. 

While every IT operation faces unique challenges and support ticket volumes, these four KPIs can help streamline current efforts to deliver service and support. Placing specific metrics behind IT service activity can help focus teams around performance, productivity and efficiency.

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